A Hole in My Life
Music & Lyrics: Peter Link

I heard his voice
There on the wind
Thousands had gathered to hear
Ah, but his words were so soft
As I watched from afar
That the truths that he spoke were unclear.

When the sun descended
And his words were ended
And the crowd dispersed and went home
I had come so far and was so tired
I had no strength to carry on.

I had come to find him
With a hole in my life
And the last hope all but gone
But I missed my chance
And knelt down there in the road
Too tired to carry on.

Now all was lost
There on my knees
Time now to sleep close my eyes
Suddenly there in the night
There on that road
He and his friends walked on by.

And I called out, "Master there's a hole in my life"
But he heard not a word
So in my desperation
I reached out knowing
If only I could touch
Just the hem of his garment
Or the heel of his sandal
Or the light that poured from him
And yet all that I touched
Was the dust using the last
The last of all my hope.

I heard his voice
He asked, "Who touched me, friend?"
He said, "I felt the light Drawn from me"
And I fell before him
And I finally wept
But the tears were all of joy
For the hole in my life
It had gone
Gone now to come again no more

I heard his voice
There on the wind

© 2004 Westrax Music Publishing