The Ever-Coming Christ
Text: C. Violet Spiller [Hay] *
Music: Ruth E. Lambert

The watchful shepherds heard the song
Whose echoes ne'er can cease,
Till all the world shall be attuned
To that sweet song of peace.

The wisemen saw the star of hope
Whose light can ne'er grow less
Till high o'er all the earth shall shine
The Sun of Righteousness.

O never-ending angel song,
O always steadfast shining star,
The ever-coming Christ we hail,
Whose witnesses ye are!

With outstretched arm to save and heal,
Christ through all time appears,
To bless the children as of old,
To wipe away all tears.

Our falt'ring feet grow swiftly strong,
As on his way we press,
And lips, long dumb, in joyful praise
The healing Truth express;
The healing Truth express.

* Published in the January 20, 1906 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel. [Volume 8, Issue 21]