Hymn of Life
Music: Andrew D. Brewis
Text: Phyllis Gilbert

The man of God’s creating
Neither birth nor death can know.
True being is forever,
Held fast in Love’s bright glow.

The now, the past, the future
Eternally are one,
In Mind’s pure presence blending.
Man truly is God’s son,
Man truly is God’s son.

In God’s sight man is perfect,
His peace and joy unspent.
Love’s blessing of life, to all
is given, with sweet content.

No grief, no tears, no parting.
And on Love’s sacred altar
The fragrance of Life’s newness stays.
No one can fall or falter.

Praise be to God our Father
Who leaves his children never,
But holds them safe within His Love, –
His changeless Love – forever.

Words © The Newsong Group
Music © 2008 Andrew D. Brewis