Music: Robert Collister
Words: Mary Baker Eddy

Beyond the clouds, away in the dim distance,
Lay a bright and golden shower at sunset's radiant hour,
Like to the soul's glad immortality,
Making this life divine, making the waters wine,
Giving the glory that eye cannot see.

In God there is no night, Truth is eternal light,
A help forever near; for sinless sense is here
In Truth, the Life, the Principle of man.

Away, then, mortal sense! Then error get thee hence,
Thy discord ne'er in harmony began!

Immortal Truth, since heaven rang,
The while the glad stars sang
To hail creation's glorious morn
As when this babe was born,

A painless heraldry of Soul,
Not sense, shine on our 'wildered way,
Give God's idea sway,
And sickness sin, and death are banished hence.

In God there is no night, Truth is eternal light

April, 1871 (Lynn, Massachusetts)